Take Action While You Can

Professor Devin is a widely successful entrepreneur who is responsible for the success of many. He has trained and consulted thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and started dozens of brick and mortar businesses for himself and others all across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, with over 75 of them being beauty supply stores.

This army veteran and once corporate employee grew up on the small island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands then went on to becoming a business & economics professor, before evolving into to being the founder of Urban Business Institute, an organization that teaches the art of mainstream entrepreneurship and business ownership.

He insists that entrepreneurship is the 21st century civil rights movement and believes with the increase of black business ownership comes the decrease of crime and other social problems that plague urban cities.

He has appeared on numerous national media platforms to include The New York Times, Fox News, CNN Headlines News, News One, Sirius XM's Urban View and more. He is a best-selling self-help author of 8 books and owner of multiple businesses.

He believes entrepreneurs are the tip of the social sword and that it is the obligation of every parent to own a business their child(ren) can opt to earn a living from.

His quote to live by: "We all have dreams but only a few of us has guts!"


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